For the last six weeks Venture Capitalists and funded startups from coast-to-coast have been applying for access to the Funded House.

March 8th- 13th

Sponsorships Available

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Sponsor Benefits

As a sponsor of Funded House, you will meet VCs and funded startups from across the US. You will interview or be interviewed on a topic relevant to business growth – people, process, or technology. You will gain access to recordings of both podcasts and video interviews. Your logo will be featured on the Funded House website, as well as onsite branding with optional merchandise distribution. You will have the first right of refusal to sponsor Funded House 2020.

Funded House Features

  • Filmed Fireside Chats on Saturday & Sunday from 8 AM – 5 PM.
  • Podcast Interviews every day from 8 PM – Midnight.
  • Facilitated introductions to rapidly-growing startups and the VCs that fund them.
  • A place to relax, grab a bite or drink, and talk to someone amazing without having to shout.

The Funded House Team

Conceived by official SXSW “Super Connectors” Marc Nathan & Elijah May, the Funded House is a joint venture of MediaTech Ventures, The Experience Firm, and T-Squared Agency. To be a part of this amazing inaugural 2019 event, please purchase a sponsorship above!

Current Sponsors