Preston James

Preston James

Founder, Div Inc.


With 25+ years in the technology sector, mostly in IT technology sales/consulting, I have strong global business experience across several verticals such as Healthcare, Education, Government (Federal and State), Small & Medium Business and Fortune 500.

My passion is working with/for innovative and disruptive startups that are looking to drive smart growth or pivot or just need a jumpstart to growth. 

For me, I’ve always been a big believer that technology innovation is critical to solving many problems we face on a day to day basis, however, people are essential to creating real solutions that deliver a positive impact on society. That’s why I’m naturally drawn to the spirit of the entrepreneur because it’s about helping people make our communities, our countries, and the world a better place!
All said and done, it’s about making it things happen! 🙂 I’m here to be part of making it happen, by helping you, your teams and your company be the best it can be!

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