Mike Erwin

Mike Erwin

Founder, GP and CIO at Ecliptic Capital


This above all: I’m intensely curious and an unrelenting problem solver. What I love most: Seeing founders get rewarded for creating sustainable, human-advancing value. I’m the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ecliptic Capital, an entrepreneurial enablement platform for the coming century.


I lead a unique team of serial entrepreneurs and early-stage investors. We have all started, scaled, and sold multiple companies. We all have Fortune 100 experience from companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Genentech, Citigroup, BlackRock, etc.


We love getting involved early with entrepreneurs and working with them toward efficient execution, rapid scale, and outsized value creation. We rely heavily on our understanding of how technology-leverage, networks and trust bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Especially— in opportunistic, defensive and lagging industries in under-capitalized markets.


Ecliptic, HQ’ed in Austin Texas, is connecting the strong macroeconomic activity we have in Texas with the broader mid-continent and the emergent entrepreneurial ecosystem. We believe the market environment today presents an unprecedented and massive opportunity.

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