Michelle Pierson Young

Michelle Pierson Young

President, Michelle Young Coaching by Life Mastery Inc.


Michelle Pierson Young has spent her life learning about people, personality styles and entrepreneurialism. Finally landing in the personal development arena, she is certified in multiple coaching programs and continues to study the leading authorities in the industry, placing herself in the position of being a cutting-edge presenter, teacher, and coach. 


Michelle’s 30-year career, running various organizations and working with diverse teams, has informed her teaching and coaching style extensively. Today her clients are women as well as men. Her communication style bridges the differences between sexes and brings groups and teams to common ground.


Most importantly, Michelle’s unique experience in a collaborative, 33+ year marriage informs her work at the core level. Together, she and her husband Aaron share 4 children, their children’s partners, and 6 sassy grandchildren.

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