Julia Dye, Ph.D.

Julia Dye, Ph.D.

Publisher, Warriors Publishing Group


Julia Dye, Ph.D., studied Hoplology, which combines anthropology and military history into the study of human conflict. She currently works at Warriors, Inc., the entertainment business’s premiere military advising company, and is responsible for Human Resources and Administration; Planning, Training, and Operations; and Logistics. She is also the Editor in Chief of Warriors Publishing Group. On occasion, as the project warrants, she also acts as a unit commander.


Her book Backbone: History, Traditions, and Leadership Lessons of Marine Corps NCOs, was published by Osprey in November 2011. In his review of the book, GySgt R. Lee Ermey, wrote “OUTSTANDING! A great capture of the Marine NCO. This should be required reading for all Devil Dogs. A big ‘atta boy’ goes to the author.” The book has received critical acclaim and a gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America.
Her second book is Through My Daughter’s Eyes. “With unerring accuracy, Dye depicts the preteen mind, with all its angst, emotion, and hard-earned wisdom. What’s unusual in this coming of age story, though, is that Abbie must deal not only with the turbulence of the middle school years but do it in the context of the particular stresses pressed upon military families whose loved one is deployed to a combat theater…” —Military Writers Society of America


She began with Warriors on the film Starship Troopers, participating in Captain Dye’s first co-ed extended boot camp in Hell’s Half Acre, Wyoming, eventually commanding her own platoon. Projects since then include Rough Riders, Terminator 2:3D, Star Trek: The Adventure, Wag the Dog, and the Medal of Honor series for Electronic Arts. She is affiliated with the Los Angeles Fight Academy and the Society of American Fight Directors and was Weapons Master on Alexander with Oliver Stone.

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