Joe Bianco

Joe Bianco

President, VETMotorsports


Born in Queens, NY, Joe is a first-generation American–the eldest of three children to Ecuadorian and Italian parents.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school and served a total of 24 years (active and reserve/ enlisted and officer) in a variety of roles from the tactical to the strategic levels including two combat deployments to Iraq from 2003-2005.  Following his active service, Joe continued to work (both as a government civilian and as a contractor) in direct support of the global war terrorism. He eventually founded (and later sold) his own company—providing services to the special operations and intelligence communities.  


Joe Bianco is a Marine, a father, an entrepreneur, a technology executive, a veterans advocate, a self-described “motorcycle super freak”, and an idealist, with a passion for the veteran cause.  He speaks fluent Spanish and Italian; holds a BA from the University of Florida, and a JD from George Washington University, and currently lives and works in the Washington DC metro area.


“Having passed through whatever crucible our service presented to us, it is our duty to return and to be luminaries in our communities—to continue to live true to our warrior ethos… only now, in the pursuit of new and different missions.”   -Joe Bianco

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