Brady Cervantes

Brady Cervantes

Veteran Bull Rider


Served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman and Scout Sniper. I have been deployed to numerous locations throughout the world and have conducted permissive and nonpermissive combat operations. Combat tours include two to the Al Anbar Province of Iraq and two to Afghanistan. After the Military, I have been both part-time and full-time instructor with several tactical training companies in Texas and the Southwestern United States. Currently operational in several locations both CONUS and OCONUS.


Recently started my own Backcountry Outdoors & Critical Skills Training Company called Level West Integral. We specialize in three main areas, The Backcountry of the World and all you can think to do in it, we are partnering with Outfitters, Guides, Ranches, a so forth. Second, we are currently undergoing the development of our own line of gear.


We are based out of Texas and Montana currently and have locked on with Fly Fishing outfits in the coveted Madison River Valley, Gallatin National Forest, Yellowstone, Big Hole, Big Horn, and the “Mighty MO” Missouri River. An Elk hunting Outfitter & Guides in Colorado. We have a very diverse group of individuals and networking capabilities to expand our reach. Furthermore, we are 100% fully committed to our brothers and sisters in the service and have confirmed with all present outfitter partners to be doing Veteran Backcountry Excursions (hunt/fish) through them with their help.

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