Leveraging education & fostering meaningful connections, Funded House, is on a mission to help funded startup leaders navigate the difficult task of growing their business; through an integrated series of meetups, lounges, panels and parties. We host VCs from all over the world and guide funded startup leaders to scale and get connected.

40+ Speakers

Topics that inspire innovation.

4+ Billion in FUNDs

Don’t leave money on the table. Carpe Diem.

Funded House is an integrated series of meet-ups, lounges, speaker panels, and parties focused on helping funded startup leaders navigate the difficult task of growing their businesses.
Funded House will showcase businesses and tools that serve growing companies. Business experts and professionals will be able to have direct access to decision makers and influencers in the startup companies invited to Funded House.

200+ Funded Startups

Sponsors Welcome

100+ Venture Capitalist

Inn Cahoots, Austin

A Gathering With A Purpose

Startups Struggle Beyond Seed Capital. On average, only 48% of startups make it to a second round of funding. The challenge for these startups is knowing how to allocate their funding properly while investing the time into building meaningful connections. These two are not easy tasks alone. As entrepreneurs ourselves we’ve experienced the struggle and made it our mission to tip the scales of funding with Funded House.

Event Organizers

Meet the minds behind Funded House. They’re marketers, CEOs, writers, photographers, and all just crazy enough to host a big event to support startups. Why, because they’ve been startups. They know the struggle is real AF!

Funded House Team

Dallas Burgess

Chief Production Officer, DreamState Entertainment

Kristie Whites

MediaTech Ventures

Tamara Deike

Aces High Creative

John Zozzaro

Founder, MediaTech Ventures

Ted Cohen

MediaTech Ventures

Marsh Robinson

MediaTech Ventures

Paul O’Brien

MediaTech Ventures

Elijah May

Experience Firm

Partners & Sponsors

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Learn to Scale and Get Connected

Over four days of impactful sessions and panels we help funded startup leaders learn to scale, get connected, and discover their path to the next round.